Thank you for being part of Blockchain Innovation Week

We look back on a great event, with many interesting conversations, talks, workshops and guests – among which you were one!

On Thursday and Friday the congres festival started. Two full days of sessions for business, ngo, beginner & tech.

In this post you’ll find links to slides, photos & video’s.

Slides & recordings


  • 16:30 Building Smart Contracts with Ethereum
  • 16:30 RChain, Concurrent computation for security & scalability
  • 17:00 RChain workshop, Coding smart contracts in Rholang:
  • 18:00 The Huge Potential for Bitcoin & Komodo:
  • 19:15 Tim Janssen – zkSnarks
  • 20:00 Dexlab lightning talk by Alessio
  • 20:00 RChain lightning talk by Rinke
  • 20:00 What is Blockchain & Why should I care?
  • 20:30 Collaborative Open Innovation in Science
  • 20:45 CryptoPepes – A brief introduction


  • 16:30 EOS, The Governed Chain
  • 16:30 Blockchain scaling to the max while preserving decentralisation
  • 17:00 Set up your BarterDEX decentralized exchange
  • 17:45 What is Blockchain & why should I care?
  • 18:00 Why & how to use hardware wallets
  • 18:15 How to preserve privacy on a blockchain
  • 19:00 Non-payment applications of blockchain
  • 19:30 Cryptonauts
  • 20:00 The Internet Computer DFINITY
  • 19:45 The three blockchain technology generations
  • 20:30 Quorum: Ethereum in enterprise context


Many people made photos during the event. See a selection of the photos here, and keep an eye on socials for more.


Claudia Suhov created a video impression of the event: Blockchain Innovation Week, May 2018, The Hague.


If you want to get in contact with one of the organisers, email


Special thanks to The Hague Tech for offering such a great location, Espeo Blockchain, Impact City & CryptoPepes for sponsoring the event, Claudia Suhov for the photo & filmography and of course: all people involved in the organisation of Blockchain Innovation Week.

If you want more of this, join the Meetup group, follow us on Twitter or sign up for the newsletter. We’ll keep you posted.

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An evening dedicated to business & tech: Vierde vrijdag is the monthly meetup where people share knowledge and experience using talks & workshops. Do you want to be a part of the program by facilitating a session? That's possible via 09TIME17 photo
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@The_Hague_Tech Great event you guys hosted despite any weather conditions! Where can we find more pictures from the event?
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This Friday, after the weekly coworking day for blockchain projects, join Bitcoin Café 070: Walk in with drinks from 4pm, talk by Joachim de Koning of @hybrix_io from 5pm. See you then! CoinCollectHQ photo
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