Blockchain Innovation Week, The Hague

This week will be a special one.

In the week of the first pizza bought with Bitcoin we organize two full days on which experts share the newest developments and insights in blockchain technologies.

Come and learn about the newest blockchain tech, business cases, using a hardware wallet and examples of blockchain apps running in real life. 24th and 25th of May 2018 in The Hague.

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We thank our sponsors:

» Espeo Blockchain
» Impact City
» CryptoPepes
» The Hague Tech
» The Blockbar community

The following meetup groups co-promote Blockchain Innovation Week on Meetup: Blockbar, ETH DEV NL, Blockchain Netherlands, BlockDAM & Peace Innovation Institute. Check their Meetup groups for specific sessions to sign up for.

This event is organized in collaboration with ETH DEV NL.