Welcome at Blockbar

Blockbar is a The Hague based ecosystem where early tech adopters, blockchain enthusiasts, developers and industry experts connect. In the lab at The Hague Tech you can develop your ideas in collaboration with others.

As of autumn 2020 we meet in Real Life and onlineĀ in an alternating way.

– Every Friday there is an online BlockBar meetup. If you like to join, please RSVP on Meetup.com and find the details in the discord channel on that particular Friday. We start at appx 10:00. Using webcam is definately not mandatory. It usually lasts till noon.

– Every fourth Friday of the month there will be a phisical meetup at The Hague Tech. With presentations. If you like to join, please RSVP on Meetup.com. You will find directions there. You are welcome as of 13:00 or even earlier if you wish to co-work. We start appx at 14:30. We will stream this gathering, questions can be asked in a chat.

Next events

Blockbar, every Friday 10:00 AM