Designing a Use Case Proposal and Unlocking Capital

Do you want to apply Blockchain to help humanity? Have the chance to put your own insights to use. Come to this interactive workshop, where we will form groups and co-create a first project proposal for a government subsidy of a Blockchain for social good project.

With the help of a tool that quickly shows all use cases being proposed for Blockchain in the civil society sector, we rapidly go through what is possible in this exciting world. The Blockchain Society Lab and The Spindle actively help you create a first proposal that could be relevant for your organization or just for personal interest. During this hour, we will form groups and actively learn from each other, having the chance to present the formed ideas at the end. Join us!

Let know that you’ll attend to this session by RSVP’ing on Meetup (optional).

Hosts: Julian Sommer & Yvo Hunink

Date: May 24th

Type of program: Lecture

Audience: NGOs, governments, industries, researchers & blockchain enthusiasts

Duration: 60 minutes