Ana: Identity System for Higher Socio-Economic Inclusion (Tykn) + PowerToShare

Tykn is currently preparing for a pilot in St. Martin in September, with the 510 Data Team of The Netherlands Red Cross.

Here they will be testing “Ana”, Tykn’s distributed identity attestation authority system, for the identification of beneficiaries for faster and more efficient expedition of aid. This is a stepping stone towards fulfilling Tykn’s vision of bringing higher socio-economic inclusion to the most vulnerable, through systems providing resilient identities. During this session, Tykn Business Development Lead Jimmy J.P. Snoek will be talking about the impact such a distributed identity system can have on vulnerable countries, and how.

Afterwards Kaushik (CEO) from PowerToShare will share their application that includes diverse energy producing and consuming devices like all-electric house with solar panels, a parking lot with solar panels and an office; hydrogen car as powerplant, FCEV, FC Scooters, energy storage, direct current (DC) network and DC homes. PowerToShare is an award-winning list of applications that runs on top of a blockchain network.

Hosts: Tykn: Jimmy Snoek, Kaushik (PowerToShare)

Date: May 24th

Type of program: Lecture

Audience: NGOs, governments, industries, researchers & blockchain enthusiasts

Duration: 60 minutes