The three blockchain technology generations

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A Graduation talk: How to qualify the public blockchain technology generations such as Bitcoin & Ethereum and how to select a blockchain platform for your blockchain use-case?

A slightly different approach of describing public blockchain technology generations, several challenges and multiple solutions.

Mark van der Pasch, a Blockchain intern of Rabobank explains his research about the technology generations of public blockchain technologies. He provides an overview of the current challenges and several solutions provided by the open source communities behind Bitcoin and Ethereum such as Casper, Sharding & Plasma. Additionally, he provides his vision regarding the adoption of public blockchain technologies for business use-cases. Afterall, Djuri Baars will follow-up with a talk about Quorum.

Speaker: Mark van der Pasch
Date: May 25th
Type: Lecture & discussion
Audience: Blockchain enthusiasts
Duration: 45 minutes