Civil Society Use Cases + Creating and Capturing Impact for Unlocking Capital

Use cases for the civil society sector and a focus on creating and capturing impact for unlocking capital:

As a part of the first annual Blockchain Innovation Week we’ll present a research on use cases for the civil society sector is presented and an in depth talk is given of how impact can be captured and tracked. Blockchain Society Lab, + The Spindle have joined forces to help Blockchain be applied for social good.

Several themes that are relevant for the civil society sector will be discussed by Yvo Hunink, who did research for The Spindle (powered by Partos). Thereafter, Julian Sommer, representing the Peace Innovation Institute and, shall give an overview of how capturing and tracking impact can be done with Blockchain, helping any kind of organization to effectively and transparently track the results of their activities. There will be room for an open discussion, allowing stakeholders of the sector to be actively engaged. Join us here!

Let know that you’ll attend to this session by RSVP’ing on Meetup (optional).

Hosts: Julian Sommer & Yvo Hunink

Date: May 24th

Type of program: Lecture

Audience: NGOs, governments, industries, researchers & blockchain enthusiasts

Duration: 60 minutes