Crypto Summer Update: What happened this summer?

What happened this summer?


1) We’ve seen the worst

2) $3K to $5K in play

3) $1K doomsday



Next day:

Change in sentiment:


August 3 – Huge OKex fail

Bitmain IPO

Bitmain IPO en alle rellen en roddels eromheen (op Twitter vooral).

FCoin: Ethereum netwerk overbelast

Hierdoor CryptoPepes uitgesteld.

stuk daarvoor

15 transactions per second

CryptoPepes alpha test

EU new ICO rules

Aragon experiments with ‘minimum viable foundations’

Aragon: little-bit-centralized -> DAO


The Aragon community offers an app that makes it possible to create your own DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organisation). In this post Aragon explains how it will decentralize itself even further than it is right now.

Byteball identity systems

Truebit: decentralized thus secure computations

Decentralized EXchanges

Top exchanges work on DEX’s > / Binance

Ethereum hybrid Proof of Stake

Vitalik’ new consensus algorithm: 51% obsolete

Ethereum Grants III uitgedeeld aan deze projecten

Bitcoin decentralized

10 augustus BTC miner decentralisation increases again

One week later:

ATM op Schiphol! komt bij blockchaintalkz

Easy ENS/SWARM domain name resolution

Now you can easily share your (decentralized) .eth domain names like blockbar.eth, with With Just go to & see the website that is referred.


Crypto conditions (like NXT)



Anyone can start their own front-end interface that reads and writes Peepeth data (, because the blockchain protocol is open.

Peepeth is a Twitter-like social media website, but here your data will be in your control forever. You can even monetize your likes.

Good UX for an Ethereum project. It’s difficult to onboard people in your app if you’re a web3 site/app. Not everyone is used to web3, and web3 is still very young. Peepeth does the onboarding very well.

Other social media platforms that use crypto.

Streamr demo

-> Click “Try the editor”

-> Log in with your account