RChain: Concurrent computation for security & scalability

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Do you want to know what are the problems of current Blockchain designs and how a Blockchain based on concurrent computation can solve this? Join us in our super quick 45m introduction into the foundations of Rchain.

Did you ever wondered why nobody bothers to inform you about this Korean person buying a chicken sandwich at his local vendor? No? Why, then, do we take it for granted that this is standard practice within all current Blockchain design?

It appears that concurrency makes great sense as a foundation for a Blockchain, but this innovation is so radical that many more many unimagined applications become suddenly within reach.

Lecture by: Tim Bansemer, Philipp Strauch & Udo, RChain.coop
Date: May 24th
Type of program: Lecture
Audience: Everybody interested in Blockchain
Duration: 45 minutes