Collaborative Open Innovation in Science

Scientific endeavor is a unique case for decentralised systems use, but what would make science truly different from the current state? Blockchain has a capacity to offer a new research structure that emphasises knowledge over old hierarchies to facilitate fast global scientific progress. Collaborative Open Innovation in Science with knowledge knockon effects.

Though science and research have gifted us with a plethora of new technologies, there are plenty of long standing unsolved problems. On top, the knowledge production and the resulting technologies have very assymetric distribution globaly driving inequalities. Undestanding the bottlenecks of knowledge flow in the current system can inform a creation of a new scientific enterprise infrastructure that uses decentralised blockchain to refocus global efforts on progress and enlightment. Such a system can have interesting emerging consequences both behaviourally and informationally. The talk will present a rational behind such a platform and its technical implementation.

Speaker: Roman Gonitel (Redescience Ltd)
Date: May 24th
Type of program: Lecture
Audience: sciencetists, researchers & blockchain enthusiasts
Duration: 45 minutes