Decentralized Blockchain commerce for indie game developers @blockrocknl

Susanne & Bert interviewed Freddy Bucknell, COO of nTitle, in their Amsterdam office about the nTitle bcommerce solution for online gaming.

The team of nTitle works on decentralised blockchain commerce for indie game developers. Using nTitle’s bCommerce software a developer can sell at the point of discovery, they can connect with gamers & influencers and incentivise their users to promote games. The whitepaper has just been published and is discussed in this in-depth interview.

Freddy’s favorite indie game at the moment is: Cube Escape, it is made by Rusty Lake an indie dev studio in Amsterdam.

Blockrock podcast #9: nTitle – Decentralised Blockchain commerce for indie game developers

Using nTitle every game developer can become a global brand & every gamer can become a popular influencer.


This episode was hosted by Susanne Pieterse and Bert Bosman.