Blockrock interview with Cyber Peacekeeping Forces

Aleksandar Shopski is a frequent visitor of Blockbar, just like the podcast team Blockrock. They met up in The Hague Tech for an interview on Aleksandar’s Cyber Peacekeeping project.

Duco & Bart interviewed Aleksandar Shopski , cyber security entrepreneur and founder of the Cyber Peacekeeping Forces, and Joost Jansen, blockchain focussed software engineer. We met these guys at the Blockchaingers hackathon in Groningen (2018) and are now, months later, curious to learn bout their proceedings.

Cyber Peacekeeping Forces (CPF) is becoming lots more then just an idea on a hackathon. As we speak their concept is being developed and they successfully applied at Brightland campus for the incubation program. Of course we want to know all about the unique concept and their ambition.

Listen how these young tech entrepreneurs are deloping meaningful software and make their dreams come true.