Blockbar Weekly Meetup | Blockbar Special: “Smart Contracts”

This Blockbar Special => Learn about what smart contracts are & what you can do with it, by examples. Ethereum smart contract developer Mick de Graaf (PieDAO, CryptoPepes, Crypto010) will show you the power of blockchain scripts.

Blockbar wants to stimulate and grow the blockchain community of The Hague. Blockbar is the The Hague based fysical -and online- space where you can connect, learn and work on blockchain projects. Every week we meet, make & learn.

📆 AGENDA 2020-04-10

10:00 CEST => Walk-in

10:15 – 12:00 CEST => Blockbar Special: “Smart Contracts”.

Mick de Graaf will dive a bit into Balancer, using BTC++ as an example: We might go into a comparison between Uniswap and Balancer as well.

bartwr will share his thoughts on the power of smart contracts, by going through some examples from the Ethereum ecosystem.

Other possible topics that we might discuss are:

  • current development options,
  • deployment,
  • best practices,
  • advantages/disadvantages of different chains,
  • making the fiat/digital connection,
  • should they be used as a DB and are oracles trustworthy?

(Proposal by Phil)


Normally Blockbar is based in The Hague. Because of COVID-19 we host the Blockbar sessions online until at least the end of April.

Join our Blockbar session this Friday by going to and click on “Join Blockbar online!”

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