Blockbar Weekly Meetup | BlockBar Special: “Privacy: the pros and cons”

We want to stimulate and grow the blockchain community of The Hague. Blockbar is the The Hague based fysical space where you can connect, learn and work on blockchain projects.

📆 AGENDA 2020-01-31

10:00 Walk-in

10:30 – 12:30 BlockBar Special: “Privacy: the pros and cons”

Priliminary notes:

  • Why privacy? Why not?
  • Methods to have privacy using blockchain tech
  • –  Taproot, Rust, etc. / / Grin / Cash
  • –  ZCash / Zksnarks / Monero / MimbleWimble / Lightning
  • –  Decentralized exchanges / jumblers / tumblers
  • Is it a human right? Do most humans actually care?
  • What about finding criminals? CCTV. Social Credit system.

The objective of this discussion is to share views on the subject, create more awareness and share ideas on how to increase privacy awareness in your surroundings.

12:30 (appx) Lunch time

It’s possible to lunch at The Hague Tech. You can also go to one of the nearby lunch places, like ‘Suri Mix’.

14:00 – 16:30 Working on your blockchain / decentralized / Web3 related project, course or article.

Often participants give presentations about their work.

16:30 we finish working and have some drinks.


Blockbar is located at *The Hague Tech*, the Tech Community in The Hague. It’s a 1 minute walking from train station Laan van NOI. If you are at location, call +31 6 46386 864 if the main entrance is not open. *Blockbar* is on the ground Floor, to your left, at the end of the corridor.

See for walking directions from Laan van NOI.

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