Blockbar Weekly VR Meetup

We want to stimulate and grow the blockchain community of The Hague. Blockbar is the VR based space where you can connect, learn and work on blockchain projects.

📆 AGENDA 2020-05-08

10:00 – appx 12:30

Participants often give presentations about their work.

We talk about any news of last week:

  • mostly blockchain related,
  • regulation related,
  • about monetary issues, macro economy,
  • but often also Corona related.


Normally Blockbar is based in The Hague. Because of COVID-19 we host the Blockbar sessions online.

Join our Blockbar session this Friday by going to and click on “Join Blockbar online!”

  • No installing or logging in required
  • Works on desktop, mobile phone & VR headset
  • If you want to speak using your microphone, please use a headset

If you like, you can find basic info on the virtual space created with Mozilla Hubs in this video:

🌍 Find us online: