Good Friday Special: Become a Liquidity Provider on BarterDEX

On Friday the 30th of March we organized a workshop focusing on BarterDEX.

In the workshop you learned:

  • What is Komodo
  • What is BarterDEX
  • Do your first trade on BarterDEX
  • Be a Liquidity Provider using the BarterDEX GUI
  • Install BarterDEX CLI on your Raspberry PI
  • Offer liquidity automatically on boot

On this page I’ll list resources related to this workshop day.

What is Komodo?

Watch this 12′ introduction by barv:

What is BarterDEX?

Watch a short talk by Diesmaster:

This is what you will do

bartwr goes through the workshop sections, to give a broad overview of what you’ll learn:

Workshop Guide

Slides / Workshop Guide:

  • Introduction: Basic info about why you’d like a DEX
  • Mission 1: Do a trade using BarterDEX
  • Mission 2: Set up your LP using the GUI
  • Mission 4: Prepare your Raspberry Pi
  • Mission 5: Run the marketmaker from a terminal
  • Mission 6: Autostart script when the Pi boots

Interesting links

Be a marketmaker or LP using barterDEX CLI

Install BarterDEX CLI – Guide

BarterDEX Whitepaper

Electrum Servers

Best link for BarterDEX documentation

The current order books

Comparison of DEXs

All Komodo replated blockchain explorers

Komodo ecosystem

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We thank our sponsors:

Komodo Pioneers

The Hague Tech


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