Azelo is set for launch

The world’s most comprehensive auctioning platform for digital art.

“I wanted to start a revolution, using art to build the sort of society I myself envisioned. — Yayoi Kusama”

Holland Park Media (HPM) is a Dutch company that was formed over a year ago with the goal to provide technological solutions for the art industry. Azelo is HPM’s first product and it will be launched on the 29th September 2018. Azelo is an auctioning platform for Digital Art using blockchain as the backbone of the platform to record and trace provenance and authenticity of artworks and their ownerships.

Why Digital Art?

Digital artists have been left behind in the traditional art world for a very long time solely because of the nature of their work. Traditionally the value of art depends on many, mostly intangible, factors, but one undeniable rule of art valuation is scarcity and rarity. Digital art could never satisfy that basic rule so it could never fit in with the pack. Digital art has always been presented with no trace of ownership. You can hardly find digital art in fairs and exhibition spaces around the world, too few screens are brought to life through art. This has been the curse of digital art, creating an environment where some people can even believe that digital art cannot be scarce and cannot hold value.

We walked through the corridors at the world-famous extravaganza of Art Basel 2018, visiting every single gallery over the entire week looking for digital art. You might have guessed it right, we were disappointed. We kept asking the same damn questions; why? There are so many great digital artists out there and why aren’t they represented in the world’s most prestigious gathering of art? No spoilers there, we didn’t find the answer!

In the midst of this situation, the only people who’ve suffered have been the artists. Azelo promises to change that.

Calling for Artists

Azelo is now recruiting up to 40 artists for its launch in September. Artists don’t even have to be solely digital focused. Azelo is built for all forms of Digital Art as well as Digitized Art to give flexibility to artists. It’s with the promise to put artists in the driver’s seat that Azelo has received a very warm reception within the art community especially among digital fans.

Azelo explained in less than a minute. Must watch!

Why Blockchain?

Does this problem need blockchain? ABSOLUTELY YES! Blockchain is what Digital Art has been waiting for, for decades. Using the Ethereum network, Azelo can register Artist Proofs with certificates of Authenticity. The platform is built to replicate the process of creating lithographs whereby Artist Proofs are created from the original work from the artists. That will be turned into a Series, equivalent of the stone from which works are printed in lithographs, where the artist specifies the number of editions as well as royalties etc. Now it’s time to create limited editions and put them up for auction on Azelo. Each limited edition is a unique token that is transferred to the highest bidder upon the completion of the auction.

Of course the back-end process is quite complicated and technology-heavy but one thing is for sure and that is, Azelo is the most secure and authentic auctioning platform for Art in the world today.

Azelo is looking for innovating artists

Are you a Digital Artist?

Contact the azelo team at or visit to know more about how you can auction off your work on the platform. It’s an exciting time to be a digital artist and Azelo wants to create a community of the most innovating and creative artists in the world.

Thanks to Charles Weiler-Ulin.