Ask-Me-Anything with Robert-Reinder en Thomas

AMA with Robert-Reinder Nederhoed (Bitmymoney) en Thomas Kemmere (Bitcoin Uitleg).

Both Robert-Reinder Nederhoed and Thomas Kemmere have been active in Crypto and Blockchain for more than 5 years now. Robert-Reinder runs BitMyMoney, an online Bitcoin wallet service as well as an exchange. And Thomas is full time Blockchain-trainer for Xurux and other clients and can be found on Twitter as @bitcoinuitleg. They will likely be able to answer 80% of your questions, and for the remaining 20% they might have some good hints as to where to investigate further.

Q&A hosts: Thomas Kemmere, Robert-Reinder Nederhoed

Date: May 25th

Session type: Q&A Session (AMA)

Audience: Blockchain and crypto interested people, beginner as well as advanced

Duration: 45 minutes